How to Hire an Inspector

How to Hire an Inspector

For most people, the purchase of a home is the largest investment they'll ever make. Getting an independent, expert opinion on the serviceability of the structure and its systems is a wise decision. Not all home inspectors have the same experience, training, or certifications.  Home inspectors are governed by the state in which the inspection is performed.  So how do you make sure you've hired the right person for the job?
When shopping for a home inspector, its vital that you do your homework and interview each inspector based on the checklist below.

Price Shopping.  When hiring a home inspector, make sure that you are hiring an inspector with plenty of knowledge, and training.  This means not shopping for one by price alone.  Training, certifications, and continuing education do not come cheap to the inspectors, and therefore their expertise is going to be invaluable.

Research their credentials.
  Since there are no national standards for home inspectors, one of the best things you can do to find out about an inspector's qualifications is to ask what professional organizations they are associated with.  The best organizations require that the inspector pass yearly exams and obtain a specific amount of continuing education credits. Our inspectors are State licensed, complete yearly re-certifications and are insured according to the State of Oklahoma Construction Industries Board requirements. 

Do you perform repairs.  No.  According to the State of Oklahoma Construction Industries Board licensed home inspectors are not permitted to perform repairs on any property they have inspected for up to one year after the inspection date.  (Conflict of Interest)

May I attend the inspection.  Yes.  It is recommended that you are in attendance the day we perform the home inspection, as valuable information can be obtained by the client throughout the inspection, giving you an opportunity to speak with the inspector regarding any specific items of concern.

Make your own decision.   Some states allow real estate agents and other professionals to make recommendations on what home inspector to hire.  A recommendation does not necessarily guarantee that the inspector is the best choice.  Make your own decision based on your research.
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